Analysis of 2717 Trump’s quotations

Analysis of 2717 Trump’s quotations

Audience data verification company presents the “Analysis of 2717 Trump’s quotations”. All data are accurate for 01 October 2016.


Why Trump use quotations? Fake accounts and trolls are very useful ventriloquist's dummy. They say exactly what master what just in right time, according to master`s media plan.

Why it is not real “grass root” activity?

The goals of the research

The answer the question, “What is the real quality of the audience quoted by Trump?”

Why Trump uses quotation but not retweet?

What is the difference between retweet and quotation? This is an important moment. Retweet may be done in one click, and repost needs to completely copy and paste. It’s important. We can see the retweets and likes for Trump rather than the original tweet.

The quotation is the technique, for integration user generated content to Trump’s feed.

It is helpful for launching scandals or imitation of people’s voice and support. Trump just quoted the right tweet of fake (troll) account, according to the situation or campaign goals.

The object of the research

The group of the 2334 accounts picked by Trump and his twitter team for the quotation. All those accounts were not occasional, each was picked for some reason. So it is representative sample of Trump’s audience. To be clear, it’s typical part. The quality of the accounts, quoted by Trump, is the basis for estimation of the quality of whole his audience.

Audience verification company Socialpuncher did the verification of 2717 Trump`s quotations of 2334 unique accounts (113 Verified, 2221 non-verified). The first quotation Trump has made 27 Feb 2013.

The key anomalies of the “Analysis of 2717 Trump’s quotation”

Total disappeared 242 (11% of non-verified quoted accounts) accounts. Disappeared the authors of 270 Trump's quotations. Some accounts were quoted two times or more.

175 (194 quotations) accounts, quoted by Trump was deleted by owners.

47 (56 quotations) accounts were suspended.

20 accounts were deleted recovered later with new ID and old Name.

The mass self-destruction of accounts, mass suspension and especially mass recovering with the pattern “new ID + old name” are the characteristics of the social media botnet with one coordination center.

Verification of audience should include both analysis of every single account and the analysis of patterns of mass operations with accounts.

Overview stats for Trump`s quoted accounts