Digital Audience Imitation Market

Now the digital audience is measured in various metrics. Visitors, accounts, devices, but not the people. To promote the products everybody need traffic, social media engagement, installations and demand creates supply. If you do not have the required number of the audience, but there is a buyer for it, it can be simulated. And if the customer is satisfied with, this trick can be repeated almost indefinitely.

The problem occurs when an advertiser finds out that the views are not real. Another big problem arises when it appears that the investment was made on the basis of false premises.

In addition to losing the money advertisers and the final investors, there are other negative consequences. Create a fake user to simulate the audience like printing counterfeit money. If you print a lot of them, then the money will depreciate.

Those who produce original content can not earn under the inflated digital audience. The user price in such conditions is very low. This is true not only of niche media and blogs but also for major media outlets.

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